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Site redesign!

Hello all! I have recently taken the plunge to use a new WordPress Theme. I have been wanting to do this for a long time and with a quiet holiday coming up, I decided to go for it!

It was not a seamless change – I had to go in and re-design my directional pages and sometimes make new ones. And I have yet to do that for the Motorcycle Trips (saving the best for last, right?). Actually, it is a lot of work and I ran out of steam. But I hope to finish everything this weekend.

Final steps will be to insert any missing photos and see if I can make anything better. And, of course, I am always interested in hearing from you. If you run into any problems, or just want to give some feedback, please let me know!

Do you have something to say to me?

My sister just informed me that the Comments area of my recent webpages wasn’t showing up!!!

I have no idea what might have changed in the settings, but thanks to her looking out for me, I went in and changed them all to “allow comments”.

So bring it on! Over a year’s worth of posts are out there; maybe one of them sparked a thought or question?

Did you know…?

You can subscribe to my site! Instant email notification can be yours if you fill out the information over there ——————————–>

You’ll only get an email if I’ve made a new post, and we all know how often that is…. or do we? =0

Tick Tock!

Our impending move to Switzerland is fast upon us! Fortunately for us, part of the move included a service to come and put all of our stuff into boxes and move it for us. I’m getting spoiled and will probably just have a garage sale if I ever have to pack my own stuff for a move.

Here’s my little documentation of the packers’ time in our house: Baby, We Were Born To Run

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Love for the VW Bug

It’s the end of the world – or at least an era. I’ve owned a VW Bug for most of my post-high school life, but an upcoming move overseas means that it is time to “let go”. I put together a page to commemorate my ’71 Bug. It’s a great car and it’s been fun, but damn I’m going to miss this car.

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Good Customer Service

Just how important is that? You can make the best produce in the world, but if you won’t stand behind it, it is worth nothing. I recently had an atrocious customer service experience with Rick Mayer Cycle, purveyor of custom motorcycle seats. While his workmanship might be good, his lack of business acumen and customer service will prevent me from ever recommending him to anyone. You can read about my experience here.

“Caveat Emptor”