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Sick of Spain? How about a hike?

I have been doing “other things” since the trip to Spain (which is part of the reason I am so far behind). I managed to finish this page and thought I’d toss it up here, just to shake things up a bit. There are a lot of pictures, which are nicer than the story, so feel free to just scroll your way through!


Beautiful Bhutan

I am finally getting this adventure down in ones and zeros! I caught a nasty cold on the flight home, so I haven’t been up to doing much at all lately. However, I am now feeling better (not 100%, but getting there) and the words are slowly filling the page.

The first page is not, however, about Bhutan. Before getting there we had to go through Bangkok. I tried to paint it in a good light but I just couldn’t do it. To those of you who love this city, I apologize. To everyone else, I present to you: my own view of Bangkok.

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