European Splendor

Mariastein for Cherries – first local ride of the year
A ride to Adelboden – Dan and I do an early spring ride for a birthday lunch
Walensee in the Autumn – a chilly ride to a new-to-me corner of Switzerland
A full day’s ride through Switzerland – a flea market, Schwingen, roadside repairs and a fantastic mountain pass
Destination: BBQ – a short (spring!) day ride to visit a friend’s BBQ party
Scrambling to Zurich – helping a fellow motorcyclist out by riding his new bike home from Geneva
Payerne – a Christmas ride to Payerne and the nearby mountains
More Jura!! – perfect weather and perfect roads combined for a great day.
Hot! Hot! Hot! – An attempt to flee the heat of the city
Sustenpass is Closed – a fantastic spring ride to see if the gates really were still closed
Spring ride through the Jura – perfect weather through perfect scenery
Neuchatel for lunch – a great way to test out our helmets AND enjoy a wonderful spring day
January Ride South – spending half the day riding through the Jura
October View of the Alps– taking advantage of some extraordinary fall weather and finding some new roads
St Ursanne Half Day – a trip cut short by a road rally!
Riding into History – a nice ride to the Alps to explore the Swiss Open Air Museum
A Mid-Winter’s Ride – A surprise ride on a surprisingly beautiful day
Alsace in the Autumn – a fall ride into the Alsacian countryside
Friedrichshafen – took the bikes to Touratech and then across the Bodensee to the Zeppelin Museum
Alpine Splendor – a day ride through the three main passes closest to me, after a fresh snowfall
Passwang II – taking a very short ride in the neighborhood
Five Passes II – going back for more fun, this time with Dan!
Five Passes of Fun – Grimsel, Furka, Susten, Goschenen and Brunig Passes
Emmental “motorhiking”
Stein am Rhine (another visit to Touratech)
Passwang Pass
– Random Day Trips

Rhine Falls – or not! – The weather beat me this time, but I will return! And if nothing else, it was a nice ride through the Black Forest.
France and Germany – all in one day – but mostly Germany
München – A long weekend’s ride – Dan and I take the bikes to München to explore the city’s offerings; including the BMW Museum.
A Ride to the Bodensee – we visited Touratech and the Zeppelin Museum
Biberach (DE) – a weekend trip to visit friends in Germany
Off to see Titisee (DE) – a short ride up to see this popular summer vacation spot
Titsee (DE) – a quick day ride up to this German resort lake

Cherries and Cheese – a quick two hour ride along the French/Swiss border with a new rider
St Hippolyte for lunch – a friend and I take a day ride through the French Jura for lunch
Autumn Wonderland (Vosges) – a colorful fall ride through Alsace
The French Connection – an errand leads to the exploration of a French ruin
A Short Ride in the Vosges – it was cold but sunny out. Next time I’ll hook up the Gerbings!
Alsace in the Autumn – I took a couple of hours to check out what the vineyards look like at the end of the season
St Hippolyte – with Dan! – a nice half-day ride with Dan
A cold ride through the Jura – Dan and I head out on a sunny but too-cold day
Jura Mountains – a half day ride down to St Ursanne and points southwest of Basel
The Grand Balloon (1 & 2)

Multi-Day Trips
Rückweiler, DE – a weekend visit to see my nephew in Germany
Chiavenna, Italy – a long weekend ride to Chiavenna and the Lake Como area
Sion, CH – Ok, this is kind of cheating, as Seon is only an hour away. But I rode there one day and came back the next.
Lake Como – a three day trip to Italy
Horizons Unlimited – our first Adventure Traveler meet up
Dijon, France – a weekend ride, a little too early in the season
Lovely Liechtenstein – two days of riding through Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland
Manarola (IT) – a 4 day ride to the Mediterranean Sea
Annecy (FR) – The Tour de France, motorcycle-style!
Calais – a short start to our two-week motorcycle holiday


  1. John Moyer says:


    I have admired the photo & written accounts of your motorcycle travels in the Pacific NW and also knew about your move to Switzerland. I live in Portland with my wife Ursula, and we are presently in SF on the way to Frankfurt and to Ursula’s home town of Marburg, about 100k north of Frankfurt.
    I have plans to rent a bike for traveling in the Alps & Corsica from Stefan Knopf in Heidelberg for about 2 weeks in early September. I am concerned about how it goes to locate a room while on a bike trip — have you any guidance which would be useful? I have the John Hermann book about cycle trips in the Alps & beyond which mentions some places to stay, so that’s a start, and of course I will ask Stefan what he can tell me.


    John Moyer
    49 6421 44549 in Marburg

    • DantesDame says:

      Hi John! Thanks for writing and I wish you and your wife an enjoyable vacation!

      I don’t know how helpful I will be in recommending places to stay, as most of our trips through the Alps have been day trips, so we just come home to our own beds at the end of the day 🙂 However, I will say that Andermatt is a great place to overnight: charming little town (although growing too rapidly) with a nice selection of hotels and restaurants. And conveniently at the heart of some of Switzerland’s finest roads.

      Because you will be here after the main holiday season (the kids are all back in school now) you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an open room. And unlike Scotland, most villages and towns have some sort of hotel where you can stay, often with an attached restaurant. I suggest planning your day to end near a decent-sized town and then just make your choice from the hotels that are there.

      I’m sure that Stefan will have some very good information for you. I have heard nothing but good things about his services. I wish you a pleasant journey, and if you need that you need anything while in the neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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