North American rides

Ever since I took my first long-distance ride to Custer, SD in 2003, I have fallen in love with this method of seeing the world. It can be hard to get the time needed to make a proper trip, but whenever I can, I try to make the best of it.

Big Trips
1993 Boulder, CO
2003 Custer, SD
2005 Montrose, CO
2006 Cross Country
2007 BC Adventure
2007 Custer, SD
2011 Nova Scotia

2004 Alaska

2004 Baja and Mainland
2009 Copper Canyon

West Coast
2003 Seattle – San Francisco
2006 Irvine – Seattle
2007 Fossil, OR
2008 Oregon Backcountry
2008 Reno
2008 Seattle – San Francisco
2009 San Francisco – Kootenays
– WCRM (West Coast Regional Meet of STN)
– – 2004 WCRM
– – 2005 WCRM
– – 2006 WCRM
– – 2006.5 WCRM
– – 2007 WCRM
– – 2008 WCRM
– – 2009 WCRM

British Columbia
– 2005 Banff
2005 Spences Bridge
2006 Castlegar
2006 Castlegar 2
2006 Kettle Valley
2007 Banff
2007 Castlegar
2008 Castlegar

Pacific Northwest
2006 Entiat
2006 Leavenworth
2006 Lake Lena
2006 New Years
2006 SBNW
2006 Republic
2006 Snoqualmie
2007 Blewett
2007 Chumstick
2007 Middlefork
2007 Monroe
2007 Quilcene
2007 SBNW
2007 Odessa 100
2007 Tahuya
2007 Wynoochee
2008 Blewett
2008 Middlefork
2012 Seattle

2008 Clearlake
2008 Eureka
2008 Death Valley
2008 Mt Hamilton
2008 Pescadero
2009 San Simion
2009 Angels Camp
2009 Calistoga
2009 Carrizo
2009 Gonzalas

East Coast
2009 Delaware Water Gap
2009 Lake Placid
2009 The Pococnos
2010 Catskills
2010 Georgia
2010 Lewisburg, WV
2010 Splitrock
2010 Wellsboro
2011 Catskills
2011 Dualsporting in NJ
2011 Ohiopyle
2012 Erie
2012 Peapack


  1. don says:

    Just started the pleasure of viewing you site, photos and descriptions. WOW I give you a ten on all three plus your destinations. I am close to doing the same thing. I have ridden all my life and have had about every motorcycle there is and today I pickup a new BMW F800GS with the hope of making, and documenting, some trips like you have. I live in Colorado so it is scenic about any direction I would go.

    Now I have to figure out how to document and post which brings up the question of your tools. Is the one best method of highlighting a route that you will or have taken on a map? I have been testing Google Earth and can’t even get close to creating what you have. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

    So where is your next adventure? Any plans for Colorado again?

    I plan to ride local and then in a few weeks go from Denver to Canon City and there pick up an easy gravel road back through old gold town day mining districts. Avery historic and scenic gravel road that follows the narrow gauge rail road route back to Denver. About a 200 mile day which should give me a good feel.

    Happy Trails,
    Happy Trails
    So if I can figure out how to do all of this I will document it too.

    • DantesDame says:

      Hi Don
      Thanks for the post and the kind words. Nice choice of location and bike, too.

      I love being able to document my rides, as does my family 🙂 I use GoogleMaps whenever I include a map of my route. Nothing special, and some times it is difficult to follow the route when I take “lesser known” roads, as I’m sure you find plenty of in the West. And I almost never plan the exact route beforehand but instead recreate it once I get home.

      My next adventure is two weeks in England, but that’s because I now live in Europe. This also means that a return to Colorado will be a long way off. Feel free to drop me a line with any more questions and/or your documentation once you’re back. Remember to stop for photos – they really bring a ride report to life. And don’t forget the odd, obscure stuff that most people might not pay attention to. A road is a road, but life is all around you. Enjoy!

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