Life in Switzerland

This is such a new adventure for me! I wanted to document it, not only for myself, but for my family and friends. However it didn’t really belong in a “travel” section, and there’s no motorcycle (yet!), so I had to make a new home for it. This section will be more blog-like, with me commenting on things that stand out to me in my new country. And so here it goes!

Moving: US –> Switzerland
Baby, we were born to run!
Home sweet home
Snow? Here?
A walk to France
Die alt Stadt

Holidays & Festivals
2013 Pre-Fastnacht
2013 Cheinbase
2013 Fastnacht
2013 Basel Weihnachtsmarkt
2015 Liestal Fasnacht Parade

Getting out Town
Easter Weekend

Castles & Towns
St Ursane Medieval Fest
Castles & Towns

Churches & Cathedrals
Churches & Cathedrals

Other Stuff
Random Area Sightings
March Randomness
Random Pictures


Tell me what you think! I want to know!