Beautiful Bhutan

I am finally getting this adventure down in ones and zeros! I caught a nasty cold on the flight home, so I haven’t been up to doing much at all lately. However, I am now feeling better (not 100%, but getting there) and the words are slowly filling the page.

The first page is not, however, about Bhutan. Before getting there we had to go through Bangkok. I tried to paint it in a good light but I just couldn’t do it. To those of you who love this city, I apologize. To everyone else, I present to you: my own view of Bangkok.

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A full day’s ride in Switzerland

WARNING: Photo heavy!

I decided to reward myself with a full day’s ride on fun Swiss roads. The previous two weekends had been eaten by trips on high speed and boring motorways so I decided that today would be MY day. And what a day it was! I saw and did so much – it more than made up for the last few rides I’ve taken. There are a lot of photos, so prepare your internet for the onslaught!

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Rhine Falls – success!

I made it to the falls!!! Without motorcycles with but our feet, Dan and I took the train to Schaffhausen to explore the area around the falls and follow the river downstream for a while. We had fantastic weather and the water was flowing fast and high!

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