Where I’ve Been

I often have people ask me how I managed to travel so much and the quick answer is “I had a great job”. The longer answer entails being at a job long enough to get two weeks of vacation, being laid off from same job and given 3 months’ severance and then landing a UK-based job (ie, a lot of holiday/vacation time). Then I moved to San Francisco where I had some time to myself before landing a job. However, once the job kicked in, my riding time fell off. Then I moved to the East Coast and my riding time (and desire) really fell off. So while I may not have as many new rides to include on this site, I do hope that the ones I get are note-worthy.


2 Responses to Where I’ve Been

  1. Gregg says:

    Hey, just stumbled across this site. Drop me an email… I’m a British Captain (Army) and always looking to make new biker friends across the Atlantic!

    • DantesDame says:

      Hi Gregg – thanks for the note. I’m not sure which side of the Atlantic you think I’m on, as I’m assuming you’re in England now (?). Anyway, I’m in Switzerland now, but we can still be friends, right? :)

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