Hiking at Giw (Visp)

Slowly I am catching up on my postings! Two weeks ago Dan and I took a hike in the Alps in probably the best weather possible. Fantastic views and colors blessed us for the entire day. Come along for the hike – without even raising your pulse 🙂

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Walensee in the Autumn

Now that I have finished the post for Bangkok/Bhutan, I can focus on a couple of things I’ve done since my return to Switzerland. Below is a day ride to the Walensee area, the mountains just southeast of Zürich – and really close to Lichtenstein.

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Bhutan – Day 10

So close, and yet I’m still not done. But one more page is complete and ready for your approval 🙂 Enjoy our sightseeing tour of Thimphu!

Day 10

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Bhutan – Day 9

Wow – talk about dropping the ball on this Trek Report! I just now finished up Day 9, and have one more day to complete (hopefully in the next couple of days).

I’ll have to go back and link up Day 9 on the previous pages, but I think I’ll wait until Day 10 is done. It’ll save me some time (and I doubt that anyone will mind).

So – for your continued reading and viewing pleasure, I present to you: Bhutan – Day 9

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Do you have something to say to me?

My sister just informed me that the Comments area of my recent webpages wasn’t showing up!!!

I have no idea what might have changed in the settings, but thanks to her looking out for me, I went in and changed them all to “allow comments”.

So bring it on! Over a year’s worth of posts are out there; maybe one of them sparked a thought or question?

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More Bhutan

I’ve been working steadily at adding more pages to the Bhutan trip, but I haven’t posted here about it. Days 1-8 are now complete, and link to each other (well, mostly. I still need to clean up some stuff). There is more to come, but I’ll be hiking tomorrow so there will be yet another delay. Fortunately, good things come to those who wait 🙂

Bhutan – Day 2 (with links to other days as well)

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Bhutan – yes, I finally arrived!

Yesterday’s post was about getting close to Bhutan, but today’s post actually delivers me to the country itself. Parts I & II are posted, which just means the introductory arrival day and then our first hike have been published. More to come!

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Beautiful Bhutan

I am finally getting this adventure down in ones and zeros! I caught a nasty cold on the flight home, so I haven’t been up to doing much at all lately. However, I am now feeling better (not 100%, but getting there) and the words are slowly filling the page.

The first page is not, however, about Bhutan. Before getting there we had to go through Bangkok. I tried to paint it in a good light but I just couldn’t do it. To those of you who love this city, I apologize. To everyone else, I present to you: my own view of Bangkok.

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Hiking to the Surreal

Ever on our quest to hike as much as possible, Dan and I took a trip to the mountains to explore one of Switzerland’s more popular Alpine hikes.

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France: Castles and Wine

A family trip (by car!) to the Alsace region to enjoy some sightseeing and wine tasting.

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