Hiking to the Surreal

Ever on our quest to hike as much as possible, Dan and I took a trip to the mountains to explore one of Switzerland’s more popular Alpine hikes.

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France: Castles and Wine

A family trip (by car!) to the Alsace region to enjoy some sightseeing and wine tasting.

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A full day’s ride in Switzerland

WARNING: Photo heavy!

I decided to reward myself with a full day’s ride on fun Swiss roads. The previous two weekends had been eaten by trips on high speed and boring motorways so I decided that today would be MY day. And what a day it was! I saw and did so much – it more than made up for the last few rides I’ve taken. There are a lot of photos, so prepare your internet for the onslaught!

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Cherries and Cheese

A new rider and I take a short tour of the roads around Basel, stopping at some local farms for fresh treats

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Hiking in the Clouds

Dan promised that there wouldn’t be rain until 4 o’clock. Dan was wrong. Follow along anyway and enjoy the sights and sounds of Swiss cows!

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Did you know…?

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Hiking to Eptingen

“A short hike” turns into five hours as Dan and I meander through some beautiful landscape in the Jura Mountains.

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Rhine Falls – success!

I made it to the falls!!! Without motorcycles with but our feet, Dan and I took the train to Schaffhausen to explore the area around the falls and follow the river downstream for a while. We had fantastic weather and the water was flowing fast and high!

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The failed ride to see the Rhine Falls

Come! Follow me on an adventure that never happened! See just how far our summer has progressed and why the locals are complaining about the weather 🙂

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Another ride for lunch

A motorcycle friend and I did a nice little ride along the Swiss/French border to have lunch. Perfect weather and perfect roads!

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